Privacy policy

Market insurance
Our gifting process is easy and secure, as all your private data (which includes credit card number, name, address, phone) is encrypted so no one can read it, and this data cannot be retrieved again
Collecting and using information and data
There is no other party who uses your information, as the site does not sell or rent your private data to a third party. This data may be used by us to improve your experience with karim shopping, including sometimes contacting you and providing you with the latest news and offers.
We may sometimes have to share personal information of a user with security agencies if necessary, and not disclosing it is a danger to society or the lives and property of others, or in order to investigate embezzlement issues and the like, or our intellectual rights, and any damage that may happen to us as an enterprise.
karim shopping reserves the right to make any amendments or changes to its site and to the policies and agreements associated with it, including the Privacy Policy as well as the terms and conditions of service document.

The site is provided with documented protection, to secure transactions and accounts.

Orders and payment
During the order process, you will be asked to provide us with your complete personal data, including your physical address, the address of the intended recipient and any other data related to the payment method, and any process containing fake data or recorded with an incorrect e-mail will be canceled.
The delivery of your order is subject to our acceptance of this request. We will send a confirmation e-mail containing your order information, and we will process the confirmation of the completion of your order through the e-mail address you provided us. We will not be under any obligation until this confirmation is issued by e-mail.

Cancelling order:
In the event that the order is canceled by the buyer, an amount of 10% of the invoice value will be deducted as transfer commission, money-back expenses and administrative expenses.